How to Care for Your Watch

A luxury watch is an investment in yourself and can serve as an heirloom piece to pass down through the generations. However, regular watch care is essential to keep your watch looking its best and in excellent working condition.

Unfortunately, watches are prone to wear and tear without the appropriate care. The good news is they're not difficult to care for when following these tips from the pros to expand the life of your favorite watch. 

At ZIZZOwatches we also provide you with a manual on how to care for and setup your watch before you begin operating. Download the manual here.

Leave the Repairs to the Pros

One of the most important aspects of watch care is looping in the pros for repairs. If your watch suddenly stops working, it's not time to play YouTube expert and try to fix it yourself. You could end up making the issue worse or voiding out your warranty by removing its crystal face or internal parts.

Watch experts are trained and adept at dealing with different brands and best practices. They're also the ones responsible for it if something goes wrong during the repair process. 


Keep Your Watch Out of Prolonged Sunlight

A little sunlight shouldn't hurt your watch, but prolonged exposure could fade the color. If you love wearing your watch for hiking, biking, and a day outdoors, try dedicated an outdoor watch to the occasion. Save your luxury watch for periodic sunlight instead.

Don't Wind Your Watch on Your Wrist

Winding your watch directly on your wrist could end up damaging the stem. Many people end up tilting the crown on its side too far and apply unnecessary pressure. Instead, practice sound watch care by quickly slipping off your watch and wind it on a regular basis to keep it in top working order. 

Check Your Watch's Water Resistance

Not all water-resistant watches are created equally. Some watches will only endure a quick dunk underwater or continue working up to a certain depth. Diving right in for a day of swimming and scuba diving could render your luxury watch useless. Instead, leave your watch at home and avoid water and moisture whenever possible. With ZIZZOWatches, you don't need to worry about this becuase they are water resistant. 

Keep Your Watch Away from Magnets

Magnets can dramatically impact your watch care and if it keeps time at all. New watch wearers may not realize magnets can lead to big trouble. The magnet could alter the motor that moves the rotors of your watch or stop it altogether. Depending on your watch and the magnet you're using, you could end up damaging the timekeeping aspect of your watch for good. 

Save Your Watch Case

Placing your watch on a table or vanity may be fine, or it could scratch your watch face and leave it exposed to dust, water, or damage. Place your watch inside its original case for safekeeping to ensure its safety and longevity. 

Avoid Creams and Chemicals

Is your watch feeling dirty? Only use manufacturer-approved cleaners and cloths to clean your watch, and look out for creams and chemicals. Spraying perfume or cologne on your wrist could wear down your strap or lead to unsightly build-up. Over time, your strap could tear and lead to expensive watch care and replacement parts. 

Read Your Manual

When is the last time you picked up your watch manual and put it into practice? It's tempting to just toss it out altogether and wear your watch without giving it a second thought. However, the manual offers valuable insights to how your watch works, how to clean it, and what to do if it suddenly stops working.

Zisso watch care daily useWear Your Watch Regularly

Regularly wearing your watch offers more enjoyment, but can also help it last longer. Watches need to be worn and wound regularly to work at their optimal performance. A watch that's rarely worn and tucked away in a drawer is more prone to wearing out from lack of use. 

With a little effort, watch care can become an everyday practice in just a few minutes a day. Take pride in your watch and take care of it to show it off in style.